MIM Defense and Viettel High Tech Forge Strategic Partnership at DSA & NATSEC 2024

At the prestigious DSA & NATSEC 2024 event in Kuala Lumpur, MIM Defense proudly announced a strategic partnership with Viettel High Tech. This collaboration is set to leverage the strengths of both companies to drive innovation and expand business opportunities within the defense and high-tech sectors across Southeast Asia.

Strategic Partnership Overview

The partnership between MIM Defense and Viettel High Tech aims to combine their extensive expertise and resources to deliver cutting-edge defense solutions. MIM Defense, with its deep understanding of the Malaysian market, will play a crucial role in marketing and distributing Viettel’s advanced technology products in Malaysia.

Key Areas of Collaboration

  1. Defense and Security:

    • MIM Defense will focus on promoting and distributing Viettel’s products in the fields of communications, electro-optics, radar systems, multi-system integration, and electronic warfare in Malaysia.
  2. Regional Expansion:

    • Viettel High Tech will reciprocate by marketing MIM Defense’s products in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, regions where Viettel has already established a strong presence.

Leadership Insights

Rear Admiral Dato Alias, President of MIM Defense, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Viettel positions MIM Defense to deliver top-tier solutions to the Malaysian government. This partnership will enable an exchange of resources, expertise, and technologies that will strengthen the defense industries of both nations. Viettel’s products meet our high standards and expectations, particularly in integration and naval capabilities critical for Malaysia’s maritime security needs.”

Nguyen Vu Ha, CEO of Viettel High Tech, highlighted the importance of customization in their offerings, stating, “Customization is the key strength of VHT. We are confident in fulfilling any specific requirements from customers. With this partnership, we sincerely hope our trusted partner MIM Defense can enable VHT solutions to bring better value to our prospective customers, especially the Malaysian Army in the coming time.”

Showcasing Advanced Technologies

Viettel High Tech’s products showcased during the event exemplify their commitment to innovation and excellence. These products include:

  • Military Communications: Advanced communication systems with smart shortwave transmission lines for stable long-distance communication.
  • Radar Systems: Near and medium-range maritime radar systems for precise naval operations.
  • Electro-Optics: High-aiming stability products with large focal length lenses for long-distance target detection.
  • Electronic Warfare: Early warning systems and electronic intelligence technologies for autonomous target detection and analysis.


The strategic partnership between MIM Defense and Viettel High Tech represents a significant step forward in enhancing defense capabilities and technological innovation in Southeast Asia. By combining their strengths, both companies are well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the defense industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership and other developments from DSA & NATSEC 2024.

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