Oman Military Escort Visits Viettel Booth at DSA & NATSEC 2024

During the DSA & NATSEC 2024 event in Kuala Lumpur, MIM Defense had the honor of facilitating a visit by the Oman Military Escort to the Viettel High Tech booth. This visit marks a significant milestone in strengthening international military and defense relations, showcasing Viettel’s innovative high-tech solutions to a distinguished international audience.

A Warm Welcome and Demonstration

The Oman Military Escort, comprised of high-ranking officials and experts, was warmly welcomed at the Viettel booth. The delegation was provided with an in-depth overview of Viettel’s cutting-edge technologies and solutions tailored for modern warfare and defense needs.

Key Technologies Showcased

  1. Military Communications:

    • Viettel’s advanced military communication systems feature smart shortwave transmission lines, ensuring stable and reliable communication over long distances, critical for effective military operations.
  2. Radar Systems:

    • The showcased radar systems included state-of-the-art near and medium-range maritime radar systems, designed specifically for naval operations. These systems offer precise detection and tracking capabilities, essential for maintaining maritime security.
  3. Electro-Optics:

    • Viettel’s electro-optics products boast high aiming stability and large focal length optical lenses, capable of detecting targets from several tens of kilometers away. These compact, highly integrable systems enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency.
  4. Electronic Warfare:

    • The early warning systems and electronic intelligence/reconnaissance technologies displayed at the booth can autonomously detect, analyze, and identify radio-emitting targets. These systems are designed for easy updates and upgrades, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

Enhancing International Collaboration

The visit by the Oman Military Escort provided an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge and exploring potential collaborations. The delegation expressed keen interest in Viettel’s products, highlighting the importance of such interactions in fostering international defense cooperation.

Rear Admiral Dato Alias, President of MIM Defense, remarked, “Hosting the Oman Military Escort at our partner’s booth underscores the global interest in Viettel’s innovative solutions. This visit opens new avenues for collaboration, and we look forward to furthering our relationship with Oman’s military forces.”

Looking Ahead

MIM Defense remains committed to promoting high-tech defense solutions and strengthening international partnerships. The visit of the Oman Military Escort to the Viettel booth is a testament to our ongoing efforts to support and enhance global defense capabilities.

Stay tuned for more updates from DSA & NATSEC 2024 as we continue to build bridges and showcase the latest advancements in defense technology.

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